Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Another Day Near Chrysler's HQ

On Monday afternoon, while driving home from Oakland University, I saw a SUV with New Jersey plates that had the absolute worst paint job I had ever seen. Now, considering I know of a Dodge Ram in southern Los Angeles county that's red with tacky flames painted over every square inch of it, chrome flames placed on the windows and tire flaps, this has to be pretty bad.Think zebra, but instead of stripes, it had lots of little swirling patterns all over the entire car. I didn't really think any thing of it except that the paint job hid the shape of the vehicle pretty well because you had an urge to look away at once. I just thought someone had pretty bad taste.

But today, I realized that it was something else. It really was done to make you look away. I came to this conclusion as I drove to school today, and found myself behind a sedan painted in an extremely similar passion that I correctly guessed was getting off I-75 at Chrysler's headquarters. This one had a Michigan manufacturer's plate, and I took a picture of it from behind. I was driving so I don't have any good pictures of this vehicle, and certainly none that show it from the side, but I can say that I didn't recognize the vehicle's design. (I'll post the picture after I edit the license plate numbers out to be on the safe side.) This car may have been made by another company, but I know for sure that it's not a Chrysler/Dodge model that I'm familiar with; and I consider myself a fan of Chrysler & Dodge vehicles. Now, what I think this vehicle may be is a prototype or concept car for possible future production. It's not uncommon for new models undergoing road tests to have unusual paint jobs making them as unidentifiable as possible, but I've never before seen one that actually made the car painful to look at.

Given the chances of running into a single car with that kind of paint job are pretty slim, I'd have to say there's something more significant than bad taste for seeing two cars in the same week in the same area. Now, it is entirely possible that both are owned by the same individual, but I think the more plausible explanation is that they're new vehicle models.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


To say the least, this semester is going to be a bitch. It looks like I have writing assignments due every week, and there doesn't appear to be much opportunity to catch up... I asked for this...