Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dodge Dart sighted?

Once again while driving to Oakland University I spied a vehicle that isn't exactly commonplace in American society yet. What was obvious from a distance was that it was a Dodge vehicle but I couldn't spot any model name on it as we drove north on I-75 towards Chrysler's headquarters.

I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not, then I remembered the new model introduced at the North American International Auto Show in January: the Dodge Dart. I promptly looked it up after I parked at OU and I'm about 95% certain that I saw one of the new Darts on the road, not even in the eye  irritating camouflage that Chrysler has used for other pre-release vehicles.

Does this mean the Dart launch is imminent?

April 6th: King Julian Day!

Celebrating the world's most famous and beloved noble, King Julian Day is nearly upon us once more. The traditional method of honoring his royal lemur-ness is to act silly and sing "I Like To Move It" at the top of your lungs, even if you only know the following lyrics from the song:

I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
I like to

Beyond these requirements, you are only expected to make the best of your day and be friendly to everyone, especially those jealous of your awesomeness. So spread the word and joy that King Julian Day is nearly upon us once again!