Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Funny Moment Long Past...

About 15 years ago, during the run up for the '96 Presidential elections, I was working at a little place called Scantron Quality Computers, a relatively recently purchased addition to the Scantron Corporation. Yes, THAT Scantron Corporation. My boss at the time had gotten to be a pretty good friend of mine, and we worked with an older lady that was a little eccentric to say the least. My boss was and is a Libertarian and a vehement Harry Browne supporter and had been giving information about him to our coworker's daughter for her homework.

Now, on the day of the incident, he and I had been talking about girls all day, which celebrity women we thought were attractive, and which of our co-workers as well. Our coworker had gone to lunch, leaving us to discuss more in detail what kind of girls we like.

While I don't know what our last words were, she reappeared, more or less talking to herself, the asked "Got any Harry Browne ones?"

Tech support calls weren't answered for about an hour afterward, and much of the company came to find out what we were laughing at.

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